Hello, I am Stephanie.

I used my first camera (film) when I was 17. It didn't go well!!! I opened the film and lost all of my pictures. I didn't pick up a camera again until college. Where I used one of the very first digital cameras ever made. And fell in love for the first time.

In my mid-twenties I started traveling the world in hopes to find the perfect picture - and myself! And boy did I find some amazing, beautiful things. I traveled to Italy, Africa, Japan, Thailand, France, Dubai, Arizona.... Italy again, and then circled around back home where I realized my favorite things to photograph weren't things all. Its was love.

The love between two people, a mother and father and their new baby, a brother and sister, friends! And then I met my very own true love. My now fiancé and I, introduced our two kitties, found our very sweet Pomsky, Akira, purchased an RV and together we are on the greatest adventure yet. So with that being said I would "love" to share these moments with you. I..

We travel the world IN SEARCH OF LOVE together now.

""Capturing the most important seconds of your life""

—Stephanie Sirois